Maver Invincible CS24 hair rigs Size 14

Maver Invincible CS24 hair rigs Size 14

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A sensational range of hair rigged hooks to nylon which have been developed and endorsed by Callum Dicks and Andy Kinder. Designed to cover all commercial styles of fishing incorporating the super strong Invincible hooks.

With a variety of options and lengths, we have it covered! Whether you prefer bait bands, speedy stops or bait pins, there is a suitable pattern within the range.

The large 30 degree angled eye, off-set ultra sharp point and extra strong swept shape greatly reduces fish loss and makes the CS24 the ideal hook for the method feeder and straight lead. Tied with a knotless knot on a 10cm hooklength and finished off with either a hair rigged 8mm stainless bait pin, 3mm bait band or a speedy stop enabling a quick and easy change of baits.

G1161 (size 14 with speedy stop)

Size 14


8.2lb / 3.7kg

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